About us

You want to care for your patient’s oral health, but you know there’s another side of the practice that deals with money. And you suspect that side of the practice may be almost as important as the dental side. You value your independence and want to be successful. You’re a smart person, but sometimes you have questions about the money matters of a dental practice. We get it.

You’re a dentist, not an MBA.

This is where we come in, with relevant, actionable information about the economics and business side of running a dental practice.

Maybe you know what an inverted yield curve is and why it might affect your practice. Maybe you don’t even know what a yield is. It doesn’t matter to us at Toothonomics. If you’re like many dentists, complex financial spreadsheets scare you as much as a root canal scares your patients. That’s okay. Most sane people are scared by spreadsheets. 

We meet you where you are. Our articles and podcasts are simple to understand, but also dive in deep. We won’t bore you by droning on about the simple stuff, but we also won’t bore you with droning on about the super complex stuff. We might throw in a spreadsheet here and there, but we’ll make sure you understand it.